Reform is a wellness program built to help others re-form their lives with God at the center. Reform was created as an invitation to begin the journey to a better self; to arrive at wellness and (w)holiness.

Reform Wellness reframes health as the state of your body and soul, using food and faith as medicine to reconnect people with their bodies and beliefs. Reform founder Jackie Mulligan is a Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Practitioner. Reform started with her own journey towards wellness.

After years of striving tirelessly and taking on the worries of the world, Jackie realized she needed to put her trust and identity in something greater. She found a better way; a way centered in faith in God and in finding a deeper purpose

As former teachers, Jackie and Traci continue their roles as educators by teaching their clients new skills, strategies and perspectives to achieve health and (w) holiness, helping them unlock their capacity for greatness. Their shared passion for aligning their own physical and spiritual wellness overflows into their practice as they educate, empower and equip people with tools to grow in (w)holiness: Strong body, clear mind, rooted spirit.