Meet the Reform Team

Jackie Mulligan

Jackie Mulligan

Reform started with Jackie. After years of striving tirelessly as a typical type-A achiever, Jackie realized she needed to put her trust and identity in something greater. She found a better way; a way centered in faith, wellness, and finding a deeper purpose.

Along the way she discovered that one of her greatest passions was helping others build stronger connections to themselves, their health and their faith through wellness at every level: physical, emotional and spiritual. Enter REFORM Wellness, a practice built to help others re-form their lives with (w)holiness at the center. Through working with a variety of clients, religious life, corporations, educational institutions across the globe and observing a number of habits and cultures, Jackie realized she wasn’t alone: Others were striving to find their way as well, looking for tools that would be lasting and meaningful.

As a Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Practitioner, Jackie has paired her personal experience with her professional knowledge as a wellness expert and educator to create a program that stands alone in the innovative way it merges faith and functional health. All the information and tools she shares grows from her life experiences and education: Masters of Business Administration, Masters of Secondary Education, Bachelor of Art in Languages, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Nutritionist Consultant, former NYS Certified Spanish teacher.


Traci Zizza

Traci’s path to wellness is closely intertwined with her role as a devoted wife and mother. A former science teacher and Holistic Nutritionist, Traci’s love of knowledge was fully realized when she began searching for holistic solutions for everyday health concerns.

Fast forward four children and many degrees and certifications later, including: former NYS Certified Science teacher, Master of Secondary Education, Bachelor of Science in Biology, certifications in teaching mindfulness, green cleaning, disinfection and mold prevention, Traci brings a wealth of expertise and hands-on experience to REFORM.

From family wellness and nutrition, to creating healthy homes and habits, Traci helps challenge her clients to step into their full potential. A master at merging “nurture” with “nutrition”, her passion for health has led her to join REFORM alongside her sister and founder Jackie.