Empowered Healthy Eating

I felt extremely empowered after my first 30 days with Jackie. I have formed some amazing healthy lifestyle habits that will stick with me for the rest of my life. The most challenging part of my personal protocol was removing caffeine and dairy, two things that I love but were affecting me in more ways than I knew. I now have a renewed relationship with food; a sense of freedom and control over my choices. I discovered the foods that work really well for my body and the ones that I will avoid because again, and Jackie helped me to do just that. After our first consult phone call I knew that I had made the right choice. Jackie's system of focusing on not only nutrition but sleep, stress, and movement in order to support my body's hormones brought me such a new perspective that I wanted to learn all I could from her!

Our timing was perfect, as I had just finished off my last pill pack when we started, so we jumped right in! Jackie helped me set up key nutritional points to stick to and really worked on ways to manage my stress and sleep on a regular basis; all while focusing on maintaining this level of compassion e of the negative affects they have on me. I feel empowered to make food choices that are best for me and my lifestyle. The quality and duration of my sleep has improved significantly. I work long hours and have learned how to manage stress by unplugging, mediating and better managing my time. My changed diet has given me much more energy, so I have also implemented a weekly training habit as well, something I have not had time or energy to do consistently in years.

With Jackie you're not just getting another health program. She will support you, challenge you and hold you accountable to your personal goals. Jackie is always making sure that you're on track and checking in to ensure you have all the tools needed for success. You can feel that she truly cares for you in the most kind and supportive way.

Thank you, Jackie!

- Christina

Copenhagen, Denmark