Finding My Feminine Flow

I had decided to come off of hormonal birth control after taking it consistently for over 15 years. I was anxious and stressed about how this would affect my body; so, I decided to reach out to Jackie for some much needed guidance. I wanted to be able to take control of my own body and cycle for myself and my body. Jackie was so thorough and answered any questions I had during our time.

Jackie really helped me to focus on creating this calm, healthy environment in order for my body to produce the proper hormones at the proper time and encourage my cycle to return... and it did! The very first month I was off the pill my body completed a 28-day cycle. The best part, Jackie celebrated with me! I could really feel that she was so happy for me and this accomplishment, and I think that's just so important in someone you're working with on something so personal to you. I also feel like I have a much better handle on daily stressors, and can certainly say that my anxiety over my cycle has diminished so much as I now know I have all the tools to manage that on my own. I really felt like she was involved and present the whole way through and I feel so grateful for all that she's taught me.

- Kim, California