Healthy Mama

I decided to see Jackie early in my pregnancy, thinking she could provide some guidance on healthy nutrition throughout my pregnancy. I wanted to create the healthiest womb for my baby and finally rid unhealthy habits I have fought most of my adult life. I didn't think that working with her would change my whole lifestyle from my relationship with food to how I manage my time and stress at work.

Jackie helped me realize what was behind a lot of my habits and thought patterns, and through the small yet pivotal changes she suggested, I started to notice improvements in my energy level and a decrease in cravings. She was always super encouraging and supportive, and was able to help me plan around my life. Anytime I had an excuse - 14 hour workdays! back to back meetings! crazy travel schedule! - she found a way to make it work and eventually I felt like these new habits were helping me manage the stress instead of adding to my to-do list. Living a healthy lifestyle IS sustainable.

I was able to maintain my workout routine at CrossFit, learned how to properly fuel before and after training, freed up more time for self-care and away from technology, tried new healthy recipes, enjoyed sitting down and relaxing around meals, created boundaries to develop a positive work/life balance, and even convinced my husband to eliminate gluten and dairy with me!

I'm naturally a skeptical person and it took me awhile to believe that these lifestyle changes would make a difference, but Jackie was so patient and sent me articles and research that backed up all her recommendations. With Jackie's help (and probably some luck) I've been able to enjoy an active, healthy and relatively easy pregnancy. I'm so glad I worked with her, I've learned so much that I'll continue to use to stay as healthy as possible throughout the remainder of my pregnancy and beyond.