Clean Mass Gains

As a collegiate baseball player with goals of playing professionally, one thing I lacked was size. At roughly 5’8” I tried everything under the sun to gain lean muscle mass, but I just could not do it. Freshman year I tried eating everything in sight to just put on weight, starting the year at 170 and weighing in at 205 by the end of the year, but the weight did not help my performance.

I tried working out more and eating very clean my sophomore year and lost about 40 pounds from cutting out carbs and wheat products. That also didn’t help my performance. The fact was I just did not have the knowledge I needed to gain the lean mass I needed to feel and perform at my best.

Right away Jackie impressed me with her knowledge. She built a personalized protocol based on my individual goals. Being a college student, I lack a lot of things: namely money, a kitchen, and time. She understood that and together we made a plan that fit my lifestyle.

She worked with me to dial in my nutrition. When my school food offerings didn’t fit my goals, she taught me how to make do with what roots, fruits, and other hidden gems I could find around the café to get the nutrients I needed.

After I completed the program I gained the lean mass I wanted. Going from 165 to 180, my performance has improved as well. I have more energy, I’m stronger, and I have had three PR’s at my local gym since I started with her. Not only have I seen the results I wanted, but Jackie was very supportive the entire way. If I ran into a problem she was encouraging and tried to figure out a solution with me. She is not only great at what she does, but a wonderful person as well.

- AJ

Temecula, California