Living My Best Life

Jackie directed me toward so many wonderful new lifestyle changes. I never believed that I could be free of craving sweets, yet through her help, I have been free of cravings for over three months. I am 71 years-old and this has never happened before! I’ve craved sweets all my life and didn’t believe it was possible to be free of this enslavement, but with Jackie's help, it finally became possible for me.

After 10 years of insomnia and serving as a caretaker for my 97-year-old dad, I never dreamed I would be able to return to sleeping soundly eight hours a night. Now, I am finally experiencing a rested state. In these past few months, I have seen how sustaining my lifestyle changes and diet have been; my father has had several trips to the ER, hospitalizations, two surgeries, nursing home rehab, and 24-hour care at home. I was with him all the way. Usually this marathon care-taking is a nightmare for me, creating high stress levels, anxiety, and insomnia. As I followed Jackie’s dietary directions, however, I found an amazing level of rapid recuperation from the most stressful times.

It has been so enlightening to learn to eat an anti-inflammatory and densely nutritious diet where my food balances my hormones and sustains my energy and emotional levels. I love what Jackie taught me about root vegetables and eating to support my thyroid and adrenals. In fact, Jackie did for me exactly what she first said she would do; she changed my relationship with food from a frustrating one to one of ease, joy, and superb health and satisfaction. That was big!

Jackie's constant, enthusiastic, positive input was the difference in my success or failure in this endeavor. Over decades, I’ve tried almost every diet invented! They wound up making me feel deprived, bored from lack of variety and deliciousness, and they didn’t last.  However, since working with Jackie, I’ve been serving my family the most delicious, soulful, satisfying foods. I’ve developed our top 12 favorite staple dinners and I’m developing even more that we already love!

I was amazed as I looked over the long list of benefits I experienced over the last three months. Some include improved body composition, more mental clarity, clearer complexion, great energy, and a stronger immune system. These improvements make me happier and more emotionally stable, and help me recover faster from stress. I feel an inner balance and equanimity sustaining my life each day. 

As a certified nutritionist myself, I learned a great deal during my holistic course at the institute, but Jackie really elevated my understanding of just how vastly food affects every aspect of my life. Her caring coaching and modeling have been so positive and intelligent. She has been such a great influence for me, especially when I was discouraged. At each stage of my experience, her suggestions and insights have been invaluable! I treasure all my notes from our in-depth sessions. All the changes suggested were accurate and more than worth it.

Oh, and did I mention I lost 10 pounds? I hope to lose even more as I follow Jackie’s advice on further actions to take and to rest into the ongoing process of supporting and healing my body. 

THANK YOU! I am full of gratitude for Jackie's immense help toward living my best life!

- Shannon

Solana Beach, California