Profitable Investment

Late last year I went in for my annual physical and was not happy with the results. I was 20 lbs heavier, had high cholesterol, high blood pleasure and a constant feeling of anxiety. I heard plenty of friends at my local CrossFit gym talk about the amazing work Jackie Mulligan does and decided to reach out. As a father of two, my health was more important to me than ever and I couldn't continue to slough through life like that. 

I had a full blood panel run at my doctor's office so Jackie and I had a great starting point. I was nervous about starting and the lifestyle changes she suggested, given my level of stress with work and family. Alcohol, mainly beer, had become an important outlet for me, but Jackie helped me eliminate it completely during our work together. She taught me to identify stressful triggers throughout my day and educated me on tools to combat the unhealthy habits I had formed. She also educated me on which foods to eat to support my long days. I took the challenge head-on and loved the accountability that Jackie provided. I took a couple of trips that month and she even helped me plan snacks and meals for travel. The first month was long and tough, but each day grew easier.  

After the first 30 days, I noticed a dramatic change in my life. My sleep improved within days, my clothes fit better, I lost weight and gained muscle, and I was more patient with my family. Most importantly, I enjoyed the way I felt. I continued to work with Jackie for another few months. As I got more and more comfortable with my new lifestyle, we started to stretch the time between our meetings. Eventually, we felt I had accomplished what I strove to achieve and now needed to keep myself accountable. The major changes we initially made had comfortably become my new norm. 

Beyond nutrition Jackie helped me with many other aspects of my life. She gave me a new workout plan; one that I am still using and benefiting from today. She helped me plan out my day to maximize focus and thwart anxiety. I now save $150 a month because I am no longer drinking coffee, and I even reluctantly chose to substantially reduce my alcohol intake. Jackie is great at what she does, but more especially an amazing person who has made a large impact on our community.

- PK

Leucadia, California