Surfer's Delight

Working with Jackie genuinely changed my life. Admittedly, I was skeptical about working with a nutritionist, as I believed that for my age I was about as healthy as can be in terms of my diet. After discussing my goals with Jackie, she designed a program that really was tailor-made for my needs and body-type. 

Near the end of the first two weeks, I started to notice some dramatic changes to my body, and more surprisingly, my mind.  My abs returned without adding any additional exercise and my energy levels increased significantly. In the past, if I had a bad night’s sleep I would normally need 2-3 extra cups of coffee to function in the office, and now I am full of energy upon rising. I start my day with meditation or an early surf, a solid breakfast and a cup of Joe.  My work can be relatively high stress, and the excess caffeine that I used to consume led to some anxiety which made matters worse. With respect to my mind, I found that my mood stabilized, and I consistently feel happier and more sociable. The power of food as medicine has made a significant impact on my life.      

I was a competitive athlete in my past life and remain very active, and one of the most remarkable benefits of Jackie’s plan has been my reduced recovery time after surfing, cycling and gym workouts. The morning after a tough workout I would normally wake up feeling fairly achy and need a lay day to recover. Now most of the days following a long ride or surf session, I feel really good. In the past, I’ve also had to deal with a lot of inflammation and old sports injuries. I would self-medicate on too many anti-inflammatory meds to maintain my desired level of activity. Jackie educated me on some natural alternatives that have worked well to reduce any aches and pains. Though Jackie’s knowledge of nutrition and physiology are impressive, what really impacted me is her deep-rooted passion to help others improve their lives. That’s a rare quality. Thanks for all your help, Jackie!

- Ted

Solana Beach, California