A Vegetarian's Meditations

I loved working with Jackie and have benefited from the lifestyle changes she has implemented tremendously. I have been following specific breathing and meditation techniques for over 10 years and with Jackie's approach to wellness and lifestyle, I almost immediately saw a shift in the quality of my meditations. I am a vegetarian and Jackie supported my views and created a protocol that was specific to my needs. I noticed a change in my energy level in the first week of the program. I learned how to prepare and cook healthier meals, improved my sleep and meditations, had more energy, and lost weight. Jackie’s wealth of knowledge, regular follow-ups, attention to detail, and constant support & availability whenever I needed, are huge reasons why I experienced so many positive changes. I am so impressed with Jackie and her passion for health and helping others. I have since recommended her to be invited to my workplace and continuously refer her to my friends & family.

- Pradnya

San Diego, California