Reformers Reform Their Lives

“I came into Reform with long-standing health problems (food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances), a physical injury that started to challenge how I invested my daily energy and time, and a genuine desire to grow and nurture my prayer life. Reform has challenged my mindset and perspectives on how I define health and wellness and encouraged me to delve more deeply and intentionally into the areas I have struggled in. I have often compartmentalized many aspects of my life as distinct entities as I strived for health and success. I dealt with exercise separately from nutrition separately from faith separately from sleep separately from work and productivity. "Fast-paced" and "more" were my preference over and "slow" and "less". Now, I realize that everything is connected. Working in isolation would not yield nearly as much fruit as it would be if I worked holistically. All the energies I put into making one aspect of myself better would only be supported if other areas of my life were taken care of as well. At the end of the day, I'm learning that with God's grace, I am enough, despite my brokenness. Working with Jackie individually and through Reform has given me both clues and answers in learning about how to make healthier choices that fit my bio-individuality and for my healing and serenity. It has also given me hope that change for the better is possible, that I'm not stuck in how I am living, and that others are also striving for and journeying along the way with me to w(h)oliness.”

- Susanna, New York

“I found Reform or rather Reform found me at a time when I needed a drastic change in lifestyle. I felt resigned. I was having some health issues that not only were affecting my physical health but my mental and spiritual health. Reform and Jackie's program looked at the root of the problem and worked from the ground up. I am so grateful for this program. It changed my life in ways I was not expecting--and still is today!”

-Deanna, Oregon

”When I first met Jackie I was depressed, lost and hopeless. And then along came Jackie and her program, Reform. I believe that God works through Jackie in her Reform program. Reform is a process of adapting new food and lifestyle patterns. It requires commitment and assurance that the future holds more than instant pleasure. Reforms helps you to seek to honor God and the gift of your body in how we eat and move. It’s a process of transforming your health and relationship with your health, one step at a time. I am learning how to love God, others and serve the world by first caring for the only temple that allows energy, mental capacity and physical ability to do so. Reform has left me with the  ability to make a conscious choice about what I put into my body. No longer am I eating without without thinking. I am caring for the temple that God gave me knowing that I have to be healthy to fulfill God’s purpose. Through Reform I no longer make food an idol and submitting myself to craving instead I submit myself and emotions to God. Reform is a life changing experience, not a 6-week diet. Everyday I am more conscious that I do have a choice – God gives us the power to choose. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength! Reform truly is a life changing experience.”

-Joan, New York

“This was such an eye opening & incredible experience for me! Jackie so thoughtfully taught us about each health pillar and expanded my view of health & wellness. I hadn't realized that prior to Reform I was making SO many withdrawals and not enough deposits into my health account. I was definitely participating in many life detracting habits versus life enhancing ones. Reform has changed the way that I think about my self-care, my health and how I am creating each day. In that change I have become so much more aware of how I treat myself and have been making efforts to reduce self-loathing, protect my space and most importantly, reduce stress! I am so grateful to be Reforming and I look forward to my journey towards continuing to be my best self. Thank you, Jackie for such a pivotal experience that has already given me guidance but that will continue to provide direction for the time to come!”

- Claire, California

“Where do I even start?!  I have learned so much from Reform and I know God lead me to Jackie and this program just when I needed it. I learned that I can no longer judge my health and wellness “success” by the scale or inches lost. (W)holiness means SO much more than all of that! I am FINALLY in a place where food doesn’t control me anymore because I no longer give it the power to do so. It is such a freeing feeling! I also learned just how much stress has been impacting my life and how important it is to put self care in place to put deposits into my health and wellness bank account rather than the constant withdrawals that I was doing before. I am not quite at the finish line of my journey, but I know that I have to continue to trust that God is building me into a woman far greater than I could ever imagine, and I am so excited to see how this new frame of mind a life style will continue to change my life! Reform is a game changer.”

- Jillian, Massachusetts