CFO on the go

As the co-founder and CFO of Model Meals, my energy and mental clarity are pivotal to my business so I was eager to dive in with Reform Wellness to turn things around. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jackie for a few years. I consider her  a wellness mentor and she has helped both me and my business Model Meals thrive. We’ve been working one-on-one together for about a year after I was experiencing serious fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues, hormone imbalance, anxiety, bloating, post-birth control syndrome – the list goes on. 

Throughout our sessions, Jackie asked all the right questions to dig into my current lifestyle to assess where changes needed to be made. The initial protocol she assigned to me felt daunting, but she provided me all the right tools and support every step of the way with regular sessions, support, and check-ins. 

The most difficult part of the journey by far was navigating the dating and social scene without alcohol. I had just moved to a new city, and having spent my life since high school as a “party girl” I was pretty discouraged when Jackie recommended I remove alcohol from my diet for a few months. However, as an entrepreneur, avid traveler, and someone with a personal interest in health and wellness, I was determined to keep up my social schedule while sticking with her plan in order to get my health back on track. 

I actually ended up developing stronger, more authentic relationships throughout the process, and I’d have to say my newfound healthy relationship with alcohol is the most significant lifestyle shift I experienced as it waterfalled into so many areas of my life that I didn’t realize alcohol was negatively affecting. Because of our work together, I’m now able to do all the things I love without the negative health impacts I was experiencing in the past.

I can’t thank Reform Wellness enough for all of the information, support, and tools provided during our sessions. I feel like a totally new person from when we first connected as I’m functioning at my absolute best from a mental and physical standpoint. I’m confident I’ll be sticking with the healthy habits I’ve learned throughout our work together for the rest of my life.