Friars Find Focus

“I want what she has!” was one of the first things I heard from my students after listening to Reform Wellness founder Jackie present at St. Anthony's. One Reform Wellness lesson and my students were able to see very clearly that what the Reform leaders possessed was attainable for them too, even in the stress of their teenage lives. As a St. Anthony’s alumni and a young woman walking the same walk not too many years ahead in the world, my students were engaged, hungry for change and beyond inspired by Jackie’s presentation.

Jackie spoke lovingly and honestly with my students about what REAL health is; the state of your body and soul together. She shared practical steps that they could take to get there and tools to apply along the way. She met them with compassion and understanding about hardships they endure on a daily basis, and challenged them to go a step further than what is on the surface; to look inside and ask what it means to truly be happy, healthy and holy. The students’ awareness of what needed to change was almost immediate and noticeably attainable. They were encouraged to make small changes that would eventually make a huge difference in the health of both their bodies and souls.  

As a former teacher, Jackie maintains the most incredible presence in the classroom. Within moments of speaking, the students were participating, interested, challenged and open. While speaking to almost 80 students in short window, they all left her talk feeling personally touched and inspired. In fact, they left wanting more— what a beautiful gift! Reform gently reminded us that we cannot just educate the mind, we have to educate the whole person starting with GOD at the center. 

Reform makes it very clear that beauty radiates from within when you feel truly known and loved. Living your life with God at the center and committing to small changes in your physical and spiritual life is a sure fire way of traveling down that path to (w)holiness. Reform Wellness helped get my students on that road. The Reform Wellness team not only possesses the knowledge to help us get there, but their work is truly inspired by the Holy Spirit, making it the most beautiful combination. So let that journey to happiness, health, and holiness begin in your classroom!