Personal Wellness Consulting

Personal Consulting

Work with one of our Reform practitioners to redefine what health looks like for you. We’ll take a bird’s-eye view into your life as a whole--health, stress, relationships, nutrition and more. You are a unique individual and as such, your wellness protocol will look different than anyone else’s; perfectly tailored to you. Let’s work together and create a lifestyle that will allow you to be the healthy, vibrant person you were created to be.

* Diagnostic labs are offered to give us more insight into the root causes of your symptoms.

Group Wellness & Seminars

Are you treating your employees as your most valuable assets? Prioritizing their wellness by investing in programs that educate and empower their health habits is proven to increase productivity, fulfillment, camaraderie and happiness. Reform Wellness also enhances your group culture by reducing stress and improving communication, creating meaningful changes both personally and professionally. Let us immerse ourselves into your company or group and create a customized program to address your specific needs.

Group Wellness
Family Wellness

Family Wellness 

Managing your family’s wellness is a God-given opportunity to instill positive habits and behaviors around food and health. Our team of experts (and mothers!) will empower you to not only make the best decisions for your family, but to find joy and simplicity in the process. Let us help you with planning meals, making better food choices, detoxifying your home, managing allergies or illnesses and more. We can work with all budgets, schedules and dietary restrictions to create a space, pantry and table that fosters wellness.

Youth Wellness

As former teachers and life-long learners, our passion for education runs deep. We can think of no greater calling or honor than helping today’s students become confident leaders of tomorrow. Reform Wellness has created tailored programs for students that not only helps them become more aware of their own health, but instills confidence and competence in the process. We would love to tap into the unique needs of your students and offer them tools and strategies for a lifetime of (w)holiness.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Reform loves to share about their experience of faith, all aspects of health, and growth. Bring a team member to your conference or special event.


Organizations we’ve helped Reform:

Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.
— St Catherine of Siena